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Zoology, a branch of biology, is the scientific study of animals including protozoa, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. In other words, Zoology is the science which deals with study of animals and their existence in the environment. It encompasses the structure, anatomy, characteristics, behaviour, distribution, mode of nutrition, physiology, genetics and evolution of animal species. In short it is the branch of science where animals, their structures, development and classification are studied. While studying Zoology you study the biology and genetics of animals including marine life, zoo animals, and animals in the wild and even household pets. The subject tells us how the animals think, why they act the way they do, where they live and why, how they have adapted to the environment, and much more. Those specialising in this field are called Zoologists. Zoologists study animal behaviors, specie characteristics, and evolutionary trends in animals. Zoologists are also called animal biologists or scientists, as zoology is the branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom. Zoologists specialising in the study of birds are called Ornithologists, those studying fish and their habitats are known as Icthyologists like wise those Zoologists who study amphibians and reptiles are known by the name Herpetologists and those involved with mammals are called Mammalogists. Zoologists study or work directly with different species of animals not only in Zoos, but also in their natural habitats, i.e. forests. A zoologist is responsible for preparing reports on various traits and aspects of animals, birds, mammals, insects, fishes and worms and managing them at different places. Zoologists work in the field and in the laboratory with all sorts of high technology including DNA identification, and they develop databanks of information that capture data on animals that are now even extinct. ________________________________________ Eligibility Educational: To pursue a career in Zoology, you first need to gain knowledge in biology, mathematics and chemistry. The minimum eligibility to apply for bachelors degree is 10+2 certificate from a recognized board. One can work as a Zoologist after completing bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctoral degree. In order to go for research, masters degree is necessary. The career scope of the students in Zoology is also vast due to the need of conservation and management of the wild life in the country. Some of the animal aspects studied by a Zoologist include body and cell structure, life processes, evolution and animal genetics, growth and development, animal classification, nutrition and physiology, health issues and illness, behavior and type of habitat, interaction with other animals and environment. Personal: The students opting for a career in Zoology need to be very courageous and should not have any place for fear in their lives. They must also be dedicated, independent, andhardworking. Must have the ability to work with diverse groups of people. Since scientists frequently submit research proposals, they must have effective written and verbal communication abilities. He/ She must be willing to spend most of his or her time with a variety of animals and to work in risky situations where they are open to attacks like biting, scratching etc and can sustain injuries. Confined animals need full time attention therefore the hours of work can be long and exhausting.



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