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Safety Management

Life is full of risk and uncertainties. Taking safety measures has become an important and integral part of our daily life, be it at home, road or workplace. Growing number of accidents at the work place especially industrial sector led the Govt. to enact and implement various Acts and Rules for the safety of workers. As per the Safety Act, it is compulsory for every industrial establishment to recruit a Safety Officer. This has made safety management a leading career option both in India and abroad. Safety management /Industrial safety is a branch of management which deals with the study of prevention of any accident or hazard, related to the health of the employees or equipments, chemicals or machinery used in an industry. The aim of Industrial Safety Management is to minimize the possibility of risks, accidents and injuries by the implementation of varied techniques of risk and safety management. Safety management professionals develop and implement various preventive measures to maintain a safe work environment. They are solely responsible for the implementation, and ensuring that all safety regulations are followed. The primary duty of a safety manager is to safeguard workers and the company against common workplace hazards. This may include protection from injury caused from biological and chemical agents, and from accidents caused by heavy metals and electricity hazards, by ensuring that the workers wear facemasks, goggles and protective clothing. The responsibilities of safety supervisors include; training and development of employees in safety practices, assessment of need of safety procedures, regular testing and monitoring of working environment, safety inspections, arrangement of special training in case of new equipments and procedures, improvement of safety Programs. Safety managers has to make workers aware about the do's and don'ts in the workplace. All organizations arrange work safety programs from time to time which give a better understanding of the value of safe work processes to their employees. This is a humanitarian career as it caters to humanity at large. Eligibility Educational Safety management programs are available both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Those with 10+2 can do diploma or certificate courses in the field of safety management and enter this career field. For post graduate courses, one must have graduation from a recognised university. A course in this area covers subjects like health science, Industrial safety standards, safety hazards, methods of accident prevention and emergency responses, safety administration etc. Industrial Safety Management career helps individuals to gain the ability to implement varied techniques of risk and safety management which will reduce the harmful impact of industrial revolution. Personal attributes needed are • excellent interpersonal and communication skills • observation and reporting skills • ability to remain calm in emergencies • safety-consciousness • problem-solving and decision-making ability • ability to work independently and in a team • confidence • patience • tactfulness • good organizational and time management skills • ability to pay attention to detail • commitment to providing service Job prospects and Career options Safety Management offers a responsible, challenging but exciting career in both private and public sectors, with a growing demand for experts in the field. Career options available in this field are that of safety officer, safety supervisor, environment safety manager, safety instructor, safety auditor, risk management consultant, industrial hygienist and so on. It is a job with high status and dignity. A safety officer is a highly respected person. Qualified hands can get jobs in multiple industries such as manufacturing, transportation, construction, paramilitary, government, consulting and aviation. One can work as safety officers in prominent companies like SAIL, TISCO, Coal India Ltd, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, NTPC and Indian Oil. You also have opportunities in the government sector- in NGOs, hospitals, military and defense organizations. Manufacturing companies that are dealing with chemical substances are in need of safety managers/officers, so in this sector scope in much more for skilled personal. Industries using automatic processes and heavy mechanical devices also hire safety managers. Remuneration Safety management is one of the highly paid careers in India as well as abroad. In India, starting salaries range between Rs.15000/- to 20000/- per month. Outside India, the range is between Rs.65000/- to Rs.80000/- per month. Salary for safety professionals vary by industry and experience level. Those employed in more risky industrial establishments like oil and gas extraction companies, chemical manufacturers etc earn much high salary compared to others.



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