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Radio Jockey

Though the popularity of radio had suffered badly with the arrival of Television and Internet, the opening of the FM radio to private channels has infused a new life to radio. Radio Jockeying is an exciting, promising and challenging career for those who have a passion for music. It is the only profession in which one may be recognized by their voice. Radio Jockeys are those who anchor music programmes on radio. The task of a RJ is to entertain the listeners by playing music or conveying messages in a most attractive and sophisticated way. They play requests from listeners, interview guests, manage contests and also provide information on the music, weather and traffic. This is a profession which requires a lot of hard work and presence of mind. It is the performance of these Radio Jockeys that makes or mars the radio station. Mostly youngsters are preferred in this field as they have new ideas, concepts and are bubbling with enthusiasm. Every successful Radio Jockey has their own style of communicating. To make an imprint in the listeners heart, apart from a good voice, the Radio Jockey should be warm, friendly, spontaneous, dynamic and must possess good communication skills. One who is interested in this field must keep on observing how the RJ's handle the calls, interact with the listeners, how they answer tricky and awkward questions and comments from the listeners etc. Prospective candidates must listen to a lot of radio, try and come up with innovative ideas and pack their voice with energy. Eligibility Radio Jockeying is a talent based field. Even though no formal educational qualification is required, a degree or at least plus two is generally a pre requisite. The most essential factor for a Radio Jockey is a good voice with the ability to modulate as per the occasion. Apart from that, an RJ should have a clear diction, accurate pronunciation, flare and fluency in the language. They should be able to control the pitches of their voice and learn to use them to the best effect. Another distinguishing characteristic to become a successful radio jockey is the speed of response, good sense of humour, individuality, creativity of mind, spontaneity and an intensive knowledge of music. Successful RJs have the ability to twist and turn their speech according to the situation. Staying updated is very important for a radio jockey. An RJ needs to keep track of the happenings in and around the city. People will enjoy listening to an RJ, if they can sound different on the show. So qualities like mimicry, local dialects and comedy or humor items will help the RJ to carry on their shows. Personal Skills - Radio Jockeys should be diplomatic in character as they have to interact with people of different nature. They must maintain a down-to-earth and approachable attitude so that listeners can comfortably make calls and speak their hearts out.



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