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Pediatrics is a division of medical science, which deals with the health care of newborns, children and adolescents. In other words, Pediatrics is a specialized area in medicine that focus on diagnosis and treatment of children's diseases. Those who specialise in this medical field are known as Pediatricians. Pediatricians are qualified children’s physicians who have undertaken training to specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and care of children. They advice parents on how to take care of their children, administers their immunization and treats illness which mainly affects children. Pediatrics involves caring for children and providing the best medical care necessary to keep them in good health. Pediatrics field is considered to be a collaborative specialty because it requires pediatricians to work with other medical professionals to ensure the physical and emotional well being of children. Pediatricians deal in the prevention and management of acute and chronic illnesses in children. Pediatricians work include diagnosing and treating injuries, infections and diseases among young patients, as well as counseling them through difficult times and situations to assess psychosocial aspects that may have profound influence on the children. Pediatricians also work for the early detection, prevention and management of disorders in behavior, development and bodily functions. Pediatrics composed of two main fields: general pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties. A general pediatrician generally treat common illnesses and other diseases common to infants and children, whereas specialists identify interests in other areas as well. They can also super specialize in any of the following fields like endocrinology, gastroenterology, immunology and infectious diseases, oncology, clinical pharmacology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology etc. Eligibility Educational: To become a Pediatrician you have to first complete your +2 with Science and then you have to appear the entrance exam to get admission for MBBS course into a medical college. After completing MBBS degree from any of the recognized Medical colleges or Universities, one must pursue MD (Doctor of Medicine) in pediatrics. Then you can start your career as a Pediatrician in India. You can further go for further specialisation in pediatric fields like endocrinology, gastroenterology, immunology and infectious diseases, oncology etc. There is always a need for ongoing education for pediatricians as they must keep up with trends and procedures within the field. Personal: Main attribute required for Pediatricians is a passion for the medical field as well as a love for children. Apart from this they must possess patience, good communication skills and expertise in pediatrics. They have to possess superb observational skills, as diagnoses and treatments are directly based on what is observed. They must be self motivated, have a way with children, be able to work long hours and have an ability to take timely decisions in case of emergencies. Job prospects Pediatrics has emerged as one of the most prominent career options in India. If you have a passion for children and patience to analyse their problems then a healthcare career in pediatrics is suited for you. The demand for talented and proficient pediatricians is growing day by day as the number of hospitals are mushrooming and child birth is an ongoing process. Pediatricians or child specialists have many career paths that can be taken. They can work both in private and government hospitals as pediatricians on a regular basis. Another career path for pediatricians is working in clinics, medical centers and research laboratories. They can work as an independent practitioners as well. They can enter into military service, Railways and various other public sector medical departments. They can opt teaching in medical colleges or training institutes. Job prospects for those with sub specialties are much more than those with simply degree in pediatrics. Remuneration There are many things that a pediatrician salary is dependent upon. This is based on years of experience, education, place and skills. There is also a salary discrepancy in different sectors like in non-governmental organizations and the private sector. In the govt sector, per month pay package is around Rs. 50,000 for beginners level practitioners. In private sector, the equivalent packages are Rs.60,000 -Rs. 70,000. In private practice, a doctor’s earnings depend mainly upon his reputation. At the Senior level pediatricians get the income packages around Rs. 20,00000 – Rs. 35,00000 per annum.



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