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Home Science

Home Science is both a science and an art related field of study which draws upon many disciplines such as chemistry, physics, physiology, biology, hygiene, economics, rural development, child development, sociology and family relations, community living, art, food, nutrition, clothing, textiles and home management. To a lay man it is a subject about home making and household chores. The study of Home Science deals with the most vital aspects of modern house keeping. Home Science, or the science of a home, in simple words, includes all the things that concern yourself, your home, your family members and your resources. It aims at getting maximum satisfaction for you and your family members through the efficient and scientific use of your resources. The science is aimed at achieving and maintaining the welfare and well being of home and family life in an ever changing society. It includes not only nutritional needs of the family members but also planning expenditure and budgeting resources available to the family as well. The application of economic principles in relation to income, expenses and consumption comes under the purview of Home Economics. Home science aims at developing an individual, its knowledge, attitudes, values and skills, which guide one to meet personal needs and aspirations of an individual to become a well adjusted member of the family. A career in Home Science is best suited for modern women with good aesthetic sense regarding contemporary arts, home decorations and modern housekeeping. One can specialize in any of the five streams of home science - Food and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development, Fabric and Apparel Science and Communication and Extension or have a general understanding of all streams of Home science. A specialization in Food and Nutrition provides knowledge of the analysis of vital nutrients in food-stuffs, detection of food adulterants, planning therapeutic diets, diet counseling for all age groups, standardizing quality and quantity of food-stuff, health awareness in community, food preservation techniques, culinary skills and food processing and canning of food-stuffs. Resource management deals with management principals and practices, management of energy resources, consumer awareness, planning and designing of residential and commercial spaces etc. Human Development specialization deals with the understanding of the sequential stages of development over the life span of an individual. Apparel science gives complete knowledge of fiber to fabric and also garment making. Students learn about dyeing and printing, fabric manufacture, textile testing, traditional textiles and textile marketing and merchandising. ________________________________________ Eligibility Educational: With growing concern for lifestyle, health and nutrition, the importance of home science courses are also increasing. One can opt for a career in the field of home science after 10+2 science stream. For Bachelor's program in home science, minimum qualification required is 10+2 . For post graduate degree/diploma program, one needs to have a graduation degree in any field. Preference is given to candidates with a Bachelor's degree in home science. Personal attributes: Those who aspire to take up Home Science as their subject of study should possess a scientific approach, be able to organize things, have aesthetic and creative ability, good communication skills, aptitude for doing practical work related to household affairs and of course, common sense. A person opting for a career in this field needs to have a logical mind along with realistic approach, and a balanced attitude. Creativity with artistic visualization is also necessary. They also must be aware of health, diet and lifestyle.



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