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Fashion Choreography

If you are one of those who love to be in the world of fashion and glamour and at the same time be creative, you are apt for a career in fashion choreography. Fashion choreography is also known as Catwalk Choreography. As the fashion industry evolves, it creates more opportunities for specialisation and super-specialisation. Career in fashion does not mean merely dealing in clothes but designing, manufacture and merchandise of accessories such as jewellery, bags, footwear as well. Broadly it includes related careers such as Fashion choreography, Fashion photography, Fashion journalism etc. Careers in the beauty business and modelling is also closely related to the fashion industry. Those with talent can enter the fashion industry by stepping into fashion shows as a Fashion Choreographer. A career in fashion choreography is about showcasing the designer's dream on stage in the best possible manner. Fashion/ Catwalk Choreography focuses on training models to present the clothes in an appealing and professional manner. Fashion choreography consists of various movement patterns that are followed by models on the ramp and these steps are matched with a piece music selected by the designer which adds rhythm to the walk. Fashion/ catwalk choreographers play a crucial role in the cadence, theme, feel and design of fashion runway shows. Fashion choreographer is basically the show director. He or she has to teach the models to walk along with the music that is to be played for a fashion show or an event, in a way that not only looks aesthetically appealing but also glamorous and chic. It can make or break an entire fashion show. Today, designers are keen on hiring talented choreographers because they know that choreographers are essential to ensure the success of their shows. Fashion choreographers work closely with fashion designers and stylists to plan and implement fashion shows based on the vision of the designer. Directing and designing a high profile fashion show is like directing a blockbuster movie, presenting beautiful clothes in a creative style. It is important that the choreographer relates to the designer's essence of style. Fashion choreography is required for commercial and professional ramp shows, product launches where the client wants some stage show, and fashion weeks wherein the display of garments is the main focus. It is a long learning process and one has to do a lot of research on new techniques in every aspect or sphere of making the next show better than the previous one. This is a field which is female dominated, many models have turned to be chorographers after a long tenure in modelling as they know the techniques behind this career field. Eligibility Educational The minimum eligibility criterion to pursue a career in Fashion Choreography is the successful completion of 10+2 in any discipline. The basic requirement to be in this field is creative talent. There are no such specific courses to enter this field. One can make a start in this field by assisting a choreographer who is already established in the industry. However if you're interested in a career in fashion choreography, a bachelor's or master's degree in Fashion is likely to be very helpful. Personal attributes Being a creative career, a choreographer must be creative and have a keen sense of colour, style etc. He should have good communications skills in order to explain to the models what is required of them. They must have an inherent sense of rhythm and fashion. A choreographer needs to be diplomatic, calm and confident. He should also be able to solve every problem that crops up during the successful execution of the show. They should be able to deal with pressure and work for long hours even at odd timings.



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