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Disc Jockeying

A decade ago, no one would have thought of a career that can earn a generous amount of money by just playing music. Disc Jockeying (DJying) is one such profession that can sate your passion for music as well as earn you enough to make a living. Individuals involved in this field of sound, rhythm and music are called Disc or Disco Jockey or simply and more commonly DJ (deejay). The term Deejaying was first used to describe radio announcers who would introduce and play popular gramophone records popularly known as discs. As these records were jockeyed by the radio announcers, they were named as disc jockey and soon as DJs or deejays. Ray Newby from California is considered as the world's first DJ in the year 1909, but the term Disc Jockey was invented in 1935 by an American commentator, Walter Winchell. During the nineties, DJs became a part of gatherings and within a short span, their popularity increased and Disc Jockeying soon emerged as an exciting career option. Disc Jockey alias DJ can be considered as a showman who entertains the crowd of a discotheque, night club, party or an event by playing music according to the tastes and preferences of the people present there. They liven up parties by mixing tunes, forming beats and creating the right ambience. For that DJ's need to understand the mood of the audience, the performance setting, the preferred medium and know how to manipulate sound. They should also focus on beat- matching to keep the tempo of the party going. Though more regularly in clubs, hotels and discotheques; DJs are also hired for entertaining guests on various occasions such as wedding, engagement, birthday party, school/ college functions or any other social gathering. DJying is a profession that can be learned with experience on the floor. DJs should always keep in mind that only their skills and reputation will bring future opportunities to them. Their reputation usually spreads through word of mouth. One can be a successful DJ, if he/ she can leave a good impression on the people, so that their names will be recommended to others. In India, the profession has gained a lot of potential during the last three-four years, especially in main cities with the ever increasing number of social gatherings and parties. Eligibility Educational qualification is not mandatory in the field of disc jockeying, and there is no age bar as well. Those with a flair and in-depth knowledge of music can built up a lucrative career as Disc jockeys (DJs). DJ'ing is a field that requires a lot of well- developed personal as well as technical skills. The first and the foremost thing for a person who aspires to become a DJ or Disc Jockey is the love, taste and craze for music. But it is not enough to become a successful DJ. He/ she need to be familiar with different genres of music such as rock, electro, jazz, pop, hip-hop, metal, country and so on. DJ's must have a huge database of music and should keep updating their database with the latest songs and tunes. They should know the techniques of combining and merging different soundtracks, by making use of software's or other instruments. A pleasing personality, excellent communication skills, punctuality, an understanding of popular demand are some attributes needed for this profession. Moreover, DJ's must be comfortable at working long hours and that too usually late nights till early mornings. They should be creative and have a good sense of rhythm. Good timing and co-ordination is very much needed for this profession. DJ's should also possess good business skills and be able to work calmly under any circumstances. A good disc jockey should innovate new techniques in mixing; be able to gauge the crowd and know their mood and play in accordance with the event and the venue. DJs should also be aware of new technology evolving in the industry and the latest music trends. One has to master certain techniques such as cueing, equalization, audio mixing, beat matching etc. Training is available in the field of DJing for improving technical skills. Several institutes offer courses of 2-3 month duration in DJying which may cost around 20,000-30,000 Rs. Besides all these skills, immense effort and practice is required to become an outstanding DJ



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