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Beach Golf

Beach Golf

Beach golf is a variation of golf which is played on sandy surfaces, mostly on beaches. The sport was developed with the intent to provide a simplified version of golf that is easily accessible to all. The sport was invented in 1999 by Mauro De Marco in Italy and is currently a popular pass time sport in many European countries.   The course is typically about 2kms long. The ball used for playing beach golf is 7cm in diameter, made polyurethane foam, which weighs approximately 35g. The clubs used are wedges which are typically used in bunkers. A synthetic rug is used at the tee from which players start off. Unlike regular golf, games are played between two-member teams.  One of the players from the team is marked as a low-handicap player and the other is marked as high-handicap. The sum of the two handicaps will determine the team's handicap points. The objective of the game is the same as regular golf, to complete all the holes in the course in the fewest number of strokes. Each player alternatively takes turns after every stroke. Each team maintains a scorecard in which, the number of strokes, number of drops, number of penalties, and team handicap is noted down. The team with the lowest final score is the winner.



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