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Sport Aerobics

Sport Aerobics

Sport aerobics also referred to as aerobic gymnastics, is a sport where the objective is to perform several high intensity gymnastic moves and patterns that are in sync with background music. The sport, which originated as a variation of traditional aerobics, later integrated aspects of sports acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics, dance and choreography.   The competitions for the sport have events that can be contested individually or in teams. Individual events are conducted for both men and women. Each routine that lasts up to 90 seconds, should include movements that cover all four elements:  dynamic strength, static strength, balance and flexibility. Each routine should include moment patterns with both arms and legs. Entire routine should be performed as a music choreography. For each routine, pushups, high leg kicks and jumping jacks are compulsory movements that have to be performed. Besides that, ten additional movements from the following can be performed: kicks, splits, jumps, leaps, flips, handstands, headsprings and somersaults. Each routine is judged based on four different factors: Artistic quality - Looks for the composition of the entire routineCreativity - Looks for the variety of movements performedExecution - Looks for accuracy of movementsDifficulty - Looks for the number of movements that demonstrate strength and flexibility Points are awarded for each routine and the athlete with the most number of points wins the event.



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