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Floor Gymnastics

Floor Gymnastics

In this sport type of gymnastics the floor is referred to a specially designed and prepared exercise surface which is also considered to be the key apparatus of this sport. This is used by both male and female gymnasts to perform various exercises.   The event which is especially performed on a floor is usually called a floor exercise.  A spring floor is also used in some of the competitive gymnastics to provide a little bit of bounce. In this sport the male gymnasts are given a time duration of 70 seconds while 90 seconds for females as they have to perform their routines on music. The routine of the gymnasts is choreographed in advance and also it is composed of various acrobatic and dance elements. In this sport the gymnasts perform a precise routine in sync with the music. A panel of three judges give points to the gymnasts according to their routine. There are many gymnasiums and national federations all around the world who especially hire choreographers to design the routines of their gymnasts so they can win the competition.



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