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Balance Beam

Balance Beam

The balance beam is an apparatus used in artistic gymnastics; it is also the event, which uses the said apparatus. This gymnastic event is sometimes simply called “beam.”   The balance beam is a small and thin beam, which is raised by a stand on both sides. These beams are made up of leather-like material. The measurements should be: 4.07 feet in height, 16 feet in length, and 3.9 inches in width. Female gymnasts exclusively perform this event. In international competitions, a beam routine should shave: two dance elements, one leap, hop, or jump, and the legs should be split in 180 degrees; should also have a full turn on one foot; a series of acrobatic skills; some acrobatic elements in different directions, and a dismount. Judges score the gymnasts by looking at the elements used in the routine, errors are also noted. Deductions are being made when gymnasts fail to do something, like for example, lapses in control, balance checks, and poor execution.



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