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Rings (Gymnastics)

Rings (Gymnastics)

The rings discipline in gymnastics is an individual sport that falls under the artistic gymnastics category. It is performed with a pair of rings, that are held by straps, which in turn are suspended to a metal frame. Since the movements for the sport require huge upper body strength, competitions are held only for men.   Routines on the rings are judged based on three elements, the swing, the strength and the hold. Athletes perform several movements to exhibit their skills on all the three elements. Some of the common moves that are required for each routine are, a static strength hold, swing to handstand, swing to hold, and aerial dismount. There are some common moves that gymnasts perform are to display their skill in the strength element. One such move is, extending the arms out and holding the body perpendicular to the ground. The same move is also performed with the body being held in and up-side down perpendicular position. Another common strength move, is to hold the body parallel to the ground with arms extended. Judges award points to each gymnast based on their routine and dismount. Points are deducted for violation of fundamental elements of the sport, like excessive swinging or bent arms. After all gymnasts complete their routines, the gymnast with the highest number of points is adjudged as the winner of the competition.



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