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Horizontal (High) Bar

Horizontal (High) Bar

The horizontal bar (also called the high bar) is a sport of the artistic gymnastics discipline, where athletes perform aerial stunts on a horizontal bar. Since the sport requires extreme strength, competitions are conducted only for men.   The routines are performed on a steel bar that is 1.1 inch in diameter and 94 inches long. The bar is fastened at 109 inches above the ground. The landing area is cushioned with 12 inch thick landing mats. Athletes wear leather grips while performing to aid in better gripping. For each routine, several moves are performed which include but are not limited to , Giants, Flips, Twists, Turns, Release-Travel-Regrasp,  and Dismount. Routines have set of required moves which have to be performed. There will also be a required sequence of moves that has to be performed. There are four different types of grips the gymnasts use to hold the bar while performing the routine, which are, overhand grip, dorsal grip, reverse grip, and underhand grip. Athletes are required to use a specific type of grip while performing each move. Some moves like Giants will be required to be performed with all types of grips. Each routine is judged based on execution of required moves, difficulty of other moves, and the dismount.



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