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Parallel Bars

Parallel Bars

Parallel bars is a gymnastics apparatus that was invented back in 19th century. The bars are made of wood, are two in number and are oval in cross section.   In gymnastics, a competition is performed by men exclusively on the parallel bars which comprises predominantly of swing and vaults. Release and re grasping of bars is needed along with movement below the bars. A routine is performed on parallel bars and it requires various elements depending on the competitive level of gymnasts. A typical performance consists of swinging skills in a support position, an upper arm position and a hanging position. Parallel bar routines, at times, feature a static hold skill. Each routine ends when the gymnast dismounts from the side of the apparatus or from end of bars. If the elements are not performed exactly, deductions are done. There are specific deductions done if the hand position is adjusted in the hand stand and not being able to control swing elements.



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