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Polocrosse is a sport of the equestrian discipline which can be best described as a combination of lacrosse and polo. Though the sport has been played for several years, the modern version of the sport was developed in Australia only in the mid-20th century.   The sport is played on a field between two teams with six players on each team. The field measures 60 x 160yards, split into three zones, 30 yard goal line on both ends and a 100yard middle zone. All players move around the field on a horseback. Players use fiberglass or cane sticks with a threaded net on one end to carry the ball. The ball used is 4in in diameter made of sponge rubber. A match is played in periods called chukkas. A chukka lasts for 6-8 minutes, and a match can be played for 4, 6, or 8 chukkas. The team of six is split into two sections of three players each, with each section alternating play during each chukka. The three players play in three different positions, attack, midfield and defense. The objective of the sport is to carry the ball with the players sticks and throw it through the opponents goal posts. The team that scores the most goals wins the match.



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