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Cowboy Polo

Cowboy Polo

Cowboy polo is a form of polo which is usually played in the west side of the United States. It was developed in New Smyrna Beach in Florida in 1952. It used to be called Palmetto Polo. In 1959, it was renamed to cowboy polo.   The sport became popular in the 70’s, there were clubs formed in Texas and Montana, there were also clubs formed in Australia. It is very similar to the regular polo. Like polo, it is also played in chukkars (which also means periods).  Cowboy polo is also played by two teams, but instead of four members, it has 5.  The players use western saddles and equipment. It is usually played in a rodeo arena or an enclosed dirt area; it can be played outdoors or indoors. In Cowboy polo, they use a large rubber medicine ball instead of the small ones used in regular polo, they also use mallets which has fiberglass shafts and rubber heads.



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