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Beach Polo

Beach Polo

Beach Polo is a team sport that was directly derived from polo. The game play is exactly similar to that of polo, where players play the game on horsebacks with mallets and a ball. It is a close variant to Arena Polo. The sport was invented by Rashid Al Habtoor and Sam Katiela of Dubai in 2004, and soon began to spread to polo playing nations around the world.   The major difference between beach polo and polo is the surface on which games are played. Beach polo is played on sand covered fields rather than grass surfaces used for regular polo. The playing field used for beach polo is similar to that of regular polo with 15ft wide goal posts. But for beach polo, the edges of the field are padded with sideboards, so there are no out-of-bounds and the ball is always in play. The other significant difference from polo is that  there are only three players per team instead of four as in regular polo. The ball used is an inflated rubber or a leather ball which is at least 12.5 inches in circumference.  A match is played for four seven-minute periods. The objective is same as other forms of polo, which is to score as many goals as possible by striking the ball through the goal posts.



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