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Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo which is also called Kayak Polo, is part of the competitive disciplines ofcanoeing. This sport is simply known as polo to the professionals. Canoe polo is a combination of water polo, basketball, and kayaking.   There are two teams who play with 8 each players each, 5 on the pitch, and 3 subtitles. The objective is to score in the opposing team’s goal; the goal is suspended approximately two meters above the water. The ball can be thrown using the hands or a paddle can be used to pass between the players and also to shoot the goal. This sport can be played in swimming pools or any stretch of flat water. The game lasts around 14 to 20 minutes. It consists of 7 to 10 minutes halved. The teams should change courts at half time; the half time is around 1 or 3 minutes. Canoe polo starts with a sprint. The referee throws the ball to the middle of the pitch; one player from each team should sprint towards the ball to win possession.



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