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Harness Racing

Harness Racing

Harness racing, which is also called trotting race and pacing race, is a type of horse racing in which the horse race at a specific gait, a trot or a pace.   The horses usually pull a cart which is called a sulky. In Europe, there are also races which are done under a saddle. This sport is done individually. It can be done by both men and women, although some horses may be separated by gender in some races. Harness racing is usually held at dirt racetracks. The difference between a trot and pace is that, for trotting, the trotter moves its legs forward diagonally. In pacing, the pacers move its legs laterally. The sulky is a two-wheeled cart which has bicycle wheels. The driver will carry a light whip to signal the horse. The driver can tap and can make a noise by striking the sulky shaft. In some countries, the use of whip is forbidden.



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