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Sandboarding is now one of the most thrilling board sports that you can enjoy year round. Sliding on sand while on a board, be it made of wood, fiberglass, metal carbon boards, or even card boards.  With its high similarities to snowboarding, it definitely still has its own edge. Its enthusiasts are growing in number.   This sport was believed to have started in Egypt, but some others have been claiming it otherwise. Nonetheless, no matter where it started, enthusiasts from Germany, Japan, Peru, Brazil, Australia, and United States (Western) have already taken sandboarding to a different level. Sandboarding competitions vary around the world. Sandboarding in Peru may be done in mountain sand dunes. In Australia, some are located near beaches. While in Germany, there are man-made sand dunes. An enhanced sandboard has foot pads, string wood core, binding, tight base, and epic graphics. With the right strength, speed, and kick, different tricks can also be performed with sandboarding. For beginners, some tips have been laid out by the pros. First, to always keep your weight on your back leg. Second, knees should be bent. Third, keep your hips centered. And lastly, make sure eyes and mouth when you’re about to fall. This sport is definitely for all ages. And no matter what your expertise is, beginner or pro, you will surely enjoy this sport.



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