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Boardercross (Snowboard Cross)

Boardercross (Snowboard Cross)

Boardercross (also called snowboard cross, snowboardercross, SBX, boarder x or BX) is a type of snowboard competition. The term boardercross comes from motocross; the course is similar to motocross courses. Boardercross involves a group of snowboards, with four or six members, who will simultaneously start atop a winding and inclined course, and they will race to reach the finish line.   Competitions are conducted in multiple rounds, a time-trial round, followed by a direct racing round. In the time-trial round, each boarder rides downhill against the clock, and 32 of the fastest boarders are selected for the next round. The direct-racing round is conducted in a heats format, in which, four to six boarders compete in each race. Two boarders move to the next round until last four or six remain for the final race to determine the medal winners. The course of boardercross includes cambered turns, various jumps, berms, rollers, drops, steep and flat sections. They are designed to challenge the participants' ability to stay in control and maintaining a maximum speed at the same time. The tracks are deliberately narrow, and racers often collide with one another during the race. Boardercross was part of the Winter X-Games from 1997-2012, it returned to the X-games just recently. Boardercross is also part of the Winter Olympics since 2006. As per the International Ski Federation and the Olympic committee, boardercross should be called Snowboard cross or SBX.



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