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Telemark Skiing

Telemark Skiing

Telemark Skiing is a ski technique that combines elements of Alpine and Nordic skiing. Telemark skiing is named after where it originated in the Telemark region of Norway. It is also known as free hill skiing and telemarking, and is becoming known nowadays because it feels freer than other types of skiing. The heel is free since the boot is only attached at the toe. The most popular technique is called the Telemark Turn wherein the legs alternately ski from turn to turn. Nowadays, skiers use polymer boots, others still use leather boots.   The bindings for telemark skiing holds the boot by the toes, unlike Alpine Skiing which is fixed-heel. The International Ski Federation Telemark Committee governs competitions. Some of the telemark competitions include: Telemark giant slalom, Telemark Classic, Telemark Sprint Classic and many others. 



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