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Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing is a style of skiing in which the heel of the skiers boot is not fixed to the skis.   There are three major competitive disciplines based on Nordic skiing style which are: Ski jumping : In this event, athletes descend downhill to jump off of a takeoff ramp and fly as far as possible and land on a sloped hill. Winners are decided based on the points awarded for distance of the jump and the jumping style. There are multiple codes of ski-jumping based on the height of the takeoff hill and landing distance. Cross-country skiing : This event involves direct racing on courses that are specifically designed. There are two main styles of skiing, classic and freestyle. There are different codes of races based on the distance, skiing style, and individual races or team relays. Nordic combined : This is a two leg race which combines ski jumping and cross-country skiing into a single medal event. A race is conducted for two days, where the jumping leg happens on day1 followed by the skiing on day 2. All the three disciplines are part of the Winter Olympics and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships which features multiple codes of races for each discipline for both men and women.



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