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Aquathlon (Underwater Wrestling)

Aquathlon (Underwater Wrestling)

Underwater wrestling, commonly known as Aquathlon, is an underwater sport where two competitors wearing masks and fins wrestle underwater in an attempt to remove a ribbon from each other's ankle band. The sport dates back to the 80’s in the USSR (now Russia). The first Aquathlon competition was held in Moscow, Russia in April 1982. The first international appearance of this sport was in 1993.   Aquathlon is wrestling between two wrestlers, wearing equipment such as masks, fins, ankle bands, and ribbons. The main objective is to take off the ribbon from each other’s ankle. The competitors can wrestle underwater and on the surface so they can remove the ribbons from the ankles. The sport is usually played in a swimming pool with a depth of 2 meters to 6 meters. The sport consists of three rounds each, with 30 seconds each round. The governing body of this sport is the Aquathlon Commission of the CMAS Sports Committee. The first Aquathlon World Cup was held in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2009.



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