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Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a variation of floor hockey played on a dry field using roller skates. Roller Hockey can mean two types, the difference is the type of skates and sticks that are used. The traditional roller hockey, which can be called quad hockey or rink hockey, is played with quad stakes. The inline hockey is played with inline skates.   There is another type of roller hockey which is called skater hockey, this is played on both quad skates and inline skates. Inline hockey is played by two teams with five players each, four skaters, and one goalie. It is played on a dry rink. The rink is divided by two halves, there is a center line in the middle, and one net at each side of the rink. Inline hockey is played in three periods, with 13 minutes each. If the game is higher standard then it is played with 20 minutes each.



अभिभावक संग स्कूल जाने वाले बच्चे ज्यादा खुश रहते हैं क्योंकि-

  • उनके अंदर अन्य बच्चों की अपेक्षा आत्मविश्वास अधिक होता है।
  • उनमें बातें साझा करने की क्षमता भी बढ़ती है।
  • अकेलेपन का बोध नहीं रहता है।
  • उपर्युक्त सभी