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Y - Yoga Asanas

Introduction to  Asana,Pranayama, Meditation  and Yogic Kriya

Yoga, according to tradition, is an innately therapeutic process, which is beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual development. Practicing yoga helps an individual to develop a state of mind which is positive or benevolent towards one and others.


The ideal time to start these asanas is in the morning. Morning times are quiet and conducive to perform asanas. The most important thing to bear in mind is to be aware or conscious of what one is doing during the asana practice. Inattention during the practice does not give favorable results. The aim is to observe, recognize and control bodily movements. Yoga is one of the best means to understand the nature of the mind, body language and above all, self-study.

The essence of yoga is to transform life into a healthy one. It changes and normalizes an incorrect pattern of living. Yoga re-energizes the mind and body.

Asanas are 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. A regular routine should be adhered to, while following asana practice. While doing the asanas, one should be conscious of the stretch in the limbs and be aware of the flexibility of the joints. A general yoga routine should commence with padmasana, a sitting posture suitable for meditation. Apart from being conscious of bodily movements, one should start to observe breathing, heartbeat and the tension in the muscles. One must be able to distinguish the different states of tension, relaxation and other sensations in the body.

The main emphasis of these asanas is, to assume a posture slowly, smoothly, and to be aware of the feelings that the posture helps to develop. The posture should be executed in a slow and controlled manner. Then focus should be on breathing. Controlled breathing helps to gain conscious control over bodily functions. Then one should relax into the posture. Relaxation is an important aspect in yoga practice.

One should mentally tune oneself into yoga postures or visualize the posture one is going to practice. All the muscles must be in a relaxed position from the start to the final position, and practicing yoga makes one feel good. They should be executed in a slow, harmonious and continuous manner. To achieve a perfect posture should not be the aim, but rather one should have a non-striving attitude. Observation and concentration play a vital role. Introspection of one’s own thoughts and feelings to play a significant role. When thoughts invade the mind, they should be gently pushed away and attention should be gathered gently. Each yoga posture, which falls into phases, manifests itself in synchrony.

One must listen to the body and should not stretch oneself beyond one’s capacity. Always do it in a relaxed and calm manner. The essence of yoga is to transform life into a healthy one. It changes and normalizes the incorrect pattern of living. Yoga re-energizes the mind and body.

Yoga asanas is a body positions that has something to do with the sequence of sitting, standing and balancing postures to increase the body flexibility. Yoga asanas provide the individual with multifold benefits physically, mentally and also spiritually. It keeps us physically fit, reduces weight, normalizes blood pressure, controls stress and cholesterol level and improves overall performance of the body and mind. It is very important to be alert and be conscious while doing any asanas. You must be relaxed and concentrate while practicing yoga.



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