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Padel Tennis

Padel Tennis

Padel is a form of racquet sport and is a close relative of tennis. Although not as popular as tennis across the world, it is particularly popular in Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Spain and Argentina. Nicknamed as ‘Tennis with Walls’ & ‘Squash in the Sun,’ Padel combines the best elements of tennis and squash. It is played in doubles only. It can be played indoors or outdoors.
Players are enclosed in an area measuring 10 by 20 metres with transparent walls and wire mesh fencing in places. The two teams are separated by a tennis net and the court is marked out with lines and service boxes. The surrounding walls are an integral part of the game.

Popular too in the USA, it is known there as Paddle and is often thought of as a game played in exclusive country clubs by the more affluent members of society. However, more and more schools are beginning to form Paddle clubs.

Currently played across 5 continents in over 30 countries. Over 20 million players worldwide. Ruled by the International Padel Federation (IPF) based in Lausanne Switzerland.

Rules of Padel: Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis. To win a set, a pairing should win six games with two clear games. If the score gets to 6-6, a tiebreak is played in which the winner is the first side to get to seven points with two clear points.

The paddle used is simply a solid string-less racquet. The paddle may be perforated. The sport uses a normal tennis ball but with the little less pressure. Similar to in tennis, this small rubber ball is allowed to bounce one time only. Service must be done underhand but points scoring rules are same as that of tennis.

  • Padel matches should be played on a regulation Padel court that is 20m x 10m and is blue, green or terracotta.
  • Padel games shall be played between two pairs of players using regulation Padel racquets.
  • Before a match, a coin is tossed. The winner gets to choose whether to serve first or which end of the court to start on.
  • Each match begins with a serve, which must be done underarm but like tennis must go diagonally into the opponent's court.
  • Both teams must attempt to score more points than their opponents.
  • The opposition wins a point when any of the following occurs:
  1. The ball bounces twice
  2. The ball strikes you or a teammate
  • The ball hits the wire fencing or another fixture before going over the net or going into the opponent’s court (classed as out of bounds).
  • Matches are made up of 3 sets, with each set made up of six games. The winners of two out of the three sets will be declared winners of the Padel match.

The World Padel Tour (WPT) is today’s most important padel circuit started in Spain and now reached the international expansion. Since 1992, Padel Tennis World Championship is an internationally held competition with three years interval.

Indian Padel Federation (IPF) is the non-profit governing body, dedicated to the development and promotion of Padel in India. IPF is recognized by the Federacion Internacional de Padel (FIP).

For the IPF recognized events list visit: IPF Calender

For FIP official tournaments calender visit: FIP Calender



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