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Field Archery

Field Archery

Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying and often unmarked distance, typically in woodland and rough terrain. As well as being a sport in its own right, it can be used to improve the techniques and abilities required for bowhunting in a realistic outdoor setting. Archers sometimes refer to the additional skills required to deal with challenging terrain and lighting as “fieldcraft”. Events are usually conducted according to the rules of either the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) or the World Archery Federation (WA). Others may be held under the rules of national organisations such as the UK's National Field Archery Society (NFAS), the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) in the USA and the The Field Archery Association of India (FAAIndia).

IFAA competitions include three rounds: field, hunter, and animal. A round consists of 28 targets in two units of 14. Field rounds are at 'even' distances up to 80 yards (although some of the shortest are measured in feet), using targets with a black inner ring, two white middle rings and two black outer rings. Hunter rounds use 'uneven' distances up to 70 yards (64 m). Animal rounds use life-size 2D animal targets with 'uneven' distances reminiscent of the hunter round. The rules and scoring are also significantly different. The archer begins at the first station of the target and shoots his first arrow. If it hits, he does not have to shoot again. If it misses, he advances to station two and shoots a second arrow, then to station three for a third if needed.

The World Archery Federation, commonly known as WA and formerly as FITA (Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc), defines a suite of rounds based on a 24-target course. Four target face sizes are specified: 80 cm; 60 cm; 40 cm and 20 cm. Six target faces of each size are used on the course. For each target face size there are upper and lower distance limits for the various divisions of archer. WA rules state that the lanes between the shooting positions and the targets must not be obstructed by branches or tree trunks. Archers follow the course in groups of between two and four. The pegs are arranged so that two people can shoot from one peg at the same time. Each archer shoots three arrows at each target, making a round of 72 arrows.

The Field Archery Association of India (FAAIndia) sanctions a number of different Regional and World tournaments that are hosted in accordance with its rules. These tournaments all have their own specific rules and guidelines. The Field Archery Association of India is a non-profit Organaisation dedicated to the sport of archery. The FAAI is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of game and its natural habitat. The organiation is very active in cooperating with federal and state agencies and sportsmen and conservation organizations.

Field archery has individual and team competitions at international events. World Archery also recognises a number of other competition field archery rounds not used at international events.

Difference between Field Archery and Target Archery: At first glance, target archery and field archery might look the same. Archers in both disciplines draw a bow, take aim, and shoot arrows at a round target marked with circles.But Target and field archery have different rules, scoring systems and settings. Indoors, target and field archery are somewhat similar. Outdoors, they’re drastically different. The three main differences between target and field archery are the:

  • Archery course.
  • Distance of the target from the archer.
  • Target faces.



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