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Club Throw

Club Throw

Club throw is a part of the track and field events in which the objective is to throw a wooden club as far as possible. The sport is currently practiced only by disabled athletes. The event is one of the four throwing events, along with discus, javelin and shot put of the Summer Paralympics. It is the Paralympic equivalent of the hammer throw. The club throw was introduced for both men and women at the first 1960 Summer Paralympic Games. It was dropped from the women's programme from the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona but was reinstated for London 2012.

Like other throwing events, the competition is decided by who can throw the club the farthest, though when the event is contested by athletes of different disability classifications, such as the Paralympics, the result is decided by a points score using the Raza Points System which considers athletes' relative levels of disability.

The club used for club throw is designed to specifications, and resembles a baseball bat, with a handle and a thicker body. The club should weigh a minimum of 397 grams and is normally made from wood with a metal base. The sport is contested at the Paralympics by athletes in the F31, F32 and F51 classes (individuals with the most significant impairment in hand function).

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