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Courses after Xth

Courses After S.S.C. (Xth)

  1. Technical Diploma Courses

            More than 67 Diploma Courses are available in Indian Polytechnics

  1. Technical Certificate Course

            More than 30 Certificate Coures are available

  1. I.T.I. Course

            27 Courses are available in Industrial Training Institutes

  1. Diploma In Agriculture 2 Yrs.

            Agriculture must be a subject in SSC, Age 16 to 25 Yrs.

  1. Diploma in Soil Conservation 5½ Yrs.

           Min. Qualification 50% in SSC with Maths and Eng. or Diploma in Agriculture

  1. Livestock Inspector Course 2 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification 50% in SSC (Science and Maths), Age 15 to 25 Yrs.

  1. Diploma in Village Development Science 2 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification SSC (Agriculture)

  1. Art Teachers Diploma 2 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification SSC (Arts)

  1. Diploma in Applied Art 5 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification SSC (Arts)

  1. Diploma in Sculpture and Modelling 5 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification SSC (Arts)

  1. Certificate Course in Physical Education 2 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification SSC, Age 16 to 26 Yrs.

  1. Female Health Worker Course ½ Yr.

           Min. Qualification SSC, Age 18 to 35 Yrs.

  1. Diploma in Pharmacy 2 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification SSC (English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

  1. Sanitary Inspector Course 1 Yr.

           Min. Qualification SSC (English)

  1. Certificate Course in Library Science 6 Months
  2. Child Welfare Course 1 Yr.
  3. Diploma in Child Development 2 Yrs.
  4. Primary Teaching Certificate Course 2 Yrs.

           Min. Qualification 50% in SSC, Age 16 to 22 Yrs.

  1. Sugar Boiling Certificate Course 2 Months

           Min. Qualification SSC (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) + 1 Season experience of Sugar Boiling on a Vaccum Pan in a Sugar Factory, Max. Age 35 Yrs. on 1st July.

  1. Local Self Government Course 6 Months

           Min. Qualification SSC (English)

  1. Diploma in Instrumentation Engg. 3 Yrs.

           Contact : Indo Swiss Training Centre, Sector-30, Chandigarh-20

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts in

           (i)         Fine Arts       

           (ii)        Commercial Art

           (iii)       Sculpture

           (From Lucknow University, Lucknow, etc.)

  1. Diploma in Home Arts and Home Craft 3 Yrs.
  2. Diploma in Iron and Heavy Metal Work 3 Yrs.
  3. Diploma in Wood Work 3 Yrs.
  4. Diploma in Furniture Design 3 Yrs.
  5. Vocational Courses :

           Various Courses are available. Some of them are:

           (A)       3 Yrs. Diploma in

           (i)         Accountancy

           (ii)        Banking

           (iii)       Home Science

           (iv)       Salesmanship and marketing

           (B)        Two Years Certificate in

           (i)         Physiotherapy                                   

            (ii)        Modelling and Sculpture

            (iii)       Painting                                             

            (iv)       Composition

            (C)       One Year Certificate in

            (i)         Physiotherapy                                               

             (ii)       Modelling and Sculpture

            (iii)       Composing                                        

             (iv)      Toy and Doll Making

            (D)       1½ Years Certificate in Art Mental Casting

            (E)       6 Months Certificate in

            (i)         Sign Board Painting                         

            (ii)        Screen Printing                     

            (iii)       Cinema Slide                                     

            (iv)       Surface Painting

            (v)        Book Making                                    

            (vi)       Book Binding

            (vii)      Commercial Photography               

            (viii)     Kitchen Gardening

            (ix)       Mass Media Programme                 

             (x)       Canning and Food Preservation


Technical Certificate Courses (After Xth)

  1. Bakery and Confectionary 6 Months
  2. Canning and Food Preservation 1 Yr.
  3. Card Board Work and Book Binding 6 Months
  4. Certificate in Radiography 1 Yr.
  5. Chemical Plant Operator 6 Months
  6. Cine Projection 6 Months
  7. Civil and Architechtural Drafting and Estimating 2 Yrs.
  8. Cookery 6 Months
  9. Diamond Processing 6 Months
  10. Electric Service Technician 2 Yrs.
  11. Electronics Fabrication and Assembly Mechanic 1 Yr.
  12. Farm Machinery Equipment Maintenance and Repairs 1 Yr.
  13. Horology Technician 1 Yr.
  14. Hotel Reception and Book Keeping 1 Yr.
  15. Leather Works 1 Yr.
  16. Maintenence Tehnician 2 Yrs.
  17. Man Made Fibres Processing                                                 2 Yrs.
  18. Man Made Fibres Weaving 2 Yrs.
  19. Mechanical Drafting and Estimating 2 Yrs.
  20. Medical Lab Technician 1 Yr.
  21. Photography 6 Months
  22. Production Technician 2 Yrs.
  23. Radio Circuit Wiring 1 Yr.
  24. Radio Servicing 1 Yr.
  25. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Appliances Machanic 1 Yr.
  26. Restauarant and Counter Service 6 Months
  27. Television Service Technician 2 Yrs.
  28. Textile Design 2 Yrs.
  29. Toy and Doll Making 1 Yr.
  30. Wireless Telegraphy 1 Yr.



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